Commercial Test and Tag Services in Canberra

Industrial test and tag

Territory Test & Tag Services provide a wide range of industrial test and tag services in Canberra to this important sector of the community. In addition to our 10 Amp and 15 Amp services we are able to inspect and test your three phase appliances. Schiavello is one very well-known local and international client that we have serviced very well for a number of years.

Ensure your Canberra worksite is safe for employees and visitors alike with industrial test and tag services from Territory Test and Tag. Contact us to find out how we can help you promote a worksite that is free of injury and incident.

Retail test and tag

Our retail test and tag experience in this sector has enabled us to obtain and maintain a diverse portfolio of well-known local Canberra retailers such as The Bentleys Group of hair & beauty salons, IGA Supermarkets, and Corporate Express to name a few. We structure our retail sector testing and tagging work in such a way that your customers and staff are able to shop and serve freely. We like to conduct our work well before your store opens for the day.

Contact us to discuss how our retail test and tag professionals in Canberra are able to serve your business without disrupting your cash-flow.

Hotels & Motels

We have been servicing this sector for many years now. We work under your direction & in conjunction with your vacancy list & generally between check-in & check-out times. Importantly, Territory Test & Tag Services operate quietly & discreetly.

Contact us to learn how we able to service this sector so efficiently or just to discuss the particular standards that apply to you.

Commercial test and tag

Our commercial test and tag services provide security and safety for businesses across Canberra. Territory Test and Tag’s professionals will carry out testing and tagging procedures throughout the workplace, causing minimal disruption to your working day.

Commercial testing and tagging at scheduled, regular intervals will ensure that your employees and any visitors to your Canberra workplace remain safe and protected from any harm caused by electrical appliances. Contact us for a commercial workplace that leaves everyone feeling safe and secure.