We understand business

Our experience in this sector enables us to formulate and deliver a strategic plan to achieve your expected out-comes, with absolute discretion.

At TTTS we believe in keeping the process simple and it can be summed up in three words:


In essence, we perform the correct testing as required, record the results and provide you with the most comprehensive reporting available.

What does TTTS do with your failed appliances? Where possible and cost effective, we repair the failed appliance. If the appliance is non-repairable:

  1. We make the item safe;
  2. Tag it out of service;
  3. Place the item in a pre-determined quarantine area.

We do not cut plugs or leads unless expressly instructed to do so. Our experienced technicians can render appliances safe/inoperable without destroying them.

Our technicians carry a range of products that assist you in the event of equipment failing a safety test. We carry items such as: spare computer leads; extension leads; figure-eight leads; and power boards. These are provided in consultation with you the client, at very competitive prices.

We are able to tailor a service package that fits your operational requirements, quietly, politely and efficiently around your staff. We can, for example, work out-side normal business hours if required.

Contact us to discuss exactly how we have assisted similar clients, then, apply our experience to your work-place.

  • We are fully insured – $20,000,000
  • Police checked and cleared
  • Qualified and experienced
  • Code compliant
  • OH&S General Induction card holders

You may find our test tags at:

The Australian Tax Office
The Federal Treasury
The Auditor-Generals Office
BORAL, and

OH&S Audit Due?

Have you ticked the “Test & Tag box” on your audit check list?

Is your Emergency and Exit Lighting system fully operational? We can offer emergency electrical testing & tagging and other services to assist you in completing your safety audit. Our reporting is provided to you in PDF format as standard or may be presented in Excel as requested.

We understand business